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Three Identical Strangers

Directed by Tim Wardle

Duration: 96 min

Colour, 1.85.1, Arri

Sundance Official Selection


Three identical Strangers

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New York, 1980. Three complete strangers — Bobby Shafran, Eddy Galland, and David Kellman — make the astounding discovery that they are identical triplets. Separated at birth, adopted, and raised by three different families, the 19-year-olds are reunited by chance. Their story sets the tabloids on fire, and the triplets suddenly become famous around the world. The brothers forge a relationship and become fast friends. They move in together in a swinging bachelor pad and open a restaurant that skyrockets to success. The toast of Manhattan, the triplets are living the high life. But their fairy tale reunion sets off a chain of events that ultimately unearths an extraordinary and sinister secret that could answer controversial questions at the heart of human behaviour.




Treasures From The Wreck Of The Unbelievable

Directed by Sam Hobkinson

Produced by Oxford Films & Science

Duration: 82 minutes,

Colour, 2.40.1 , Arri, S16mm, S8mm



Treasures from the wreck of the Unbelievable

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This cinematic journey into the waters off East Africa chronicles the story behind artist Damien Hirst's massive exhibition of oceanic treasures.  

Into The Amazon (American Experience)

Directed by John Maggio

Produced by Ark Media & Maggio

Duration: 120 minutes

B&W, 1.85.1 Arri

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Into The Amazon

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Into the Amazon tells the remarkable story of the journey taken by President Theodore Roosevelt and legendary Brazilian explorer Cândido Rondon into the heart of the South American rainforest to chart an unexplored tributary of the Amazon. What was anticipated to be a relatively tranquil journey turned out to be a brutal test of courage and character. Before it was all over, one member of the expedition had drowned and another had committed murder. Roosevelt would badly injure his leg and beg to be left behind to die. More than a dramatic adventure story, Into the Amazon shines a light on two of the western hemisphere’s most formidable men, and the culture and politics of their two formidable nations.



Serengeti Rules

Directed by Nic Brown

Produced by Passion Pictures & Tangled Bank Studios

Duration: 120 minutes

Colour, 2.40.1, Arri, S8mm


Thatrical Award

Serengeti Rules








They saw the planet in a different way. And what they found just may
save it. How five passionate biologists are changing the entire world.
Discover something very unexpected in nature. Hope. What it teaches us just might save the planet. Some of our brightest minds are proving that the future is brighter than we think.

Follow it and you go straight to hope.
They followed their passion.
Now it’s time to follow their rule.









One Strange Rock (Will Smith scenes)

Directed by James Kent & Darren Aronofsky

Produced by Nutopia & Protozoa Productions


One Strange Rock

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One Strange Rock is the extraordinary story of Earth — our curiously calibrated, interconnected planet — and why it is special and uniquely brimming with life among a largely unknown but harsh cosmic arena. Anchoring the series is an elite group of astronauts who see Earth’s bigger picture; they provide unique perspectives and relate personal memoirs of our planet seen from space.

Hosted by Will Smith




The Last Man On The Moon

Premier at SXSW / Netflix

Directed by Mark Craig

Produced by MSP Productions

Duration: 95 minutes

Colour, 1.85.1 Arri

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When Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan stepped off the moon in December 1972 he left his footprints and his daughter's initials in the lunar dust. Only now is he ready to share his epic but deeply personal story of fulfillment, love, and loss.


Thirty Five Letters

Premier at Sydney Film Festival

Directed by Janine Hoskin

Duration: 90 minutes

Colour, 1.85.1, Arri, 70mm film

Winner Best Documentary Sydney Film Festival 2014



Thirty Five Letters

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In the year before her death, young Melbourne writer Angelique Flowers wrote thirty-five letters to her sister Michelle to celebrate Michelle's thirty-fifth birthday. Seen through the eyes of Angelique, Michelle and their brother Damian, 35 Letters is a film about conscience, family and breaking the law.  

The Amish (American Experience)

Directed by David Belton

Poduced by Sarah Colt & WGBH

Duration: 120 minutes

Colour, 1.85.1 Varicam


Emmy NominationEMMY Nominated

The Amish

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Lyrical and meditative, The Amish answers many questions Americans have about this insistently insular religious community, whose intense faith and adherence to five hundred year-old traditions have by turns captivated and repelled, awed and irritated, inspired and confused for more than a century. With unprecedented access to the Amish built on patience and hard-won trust, the film is the first to deeply penetrate and explore this profoundly attention-averse group. In doing so, it paints an extraordinarily intimate portrait of contemporary Amish faith and life. It questions why and how the Amish, an insistently closed and communal culture, have thrived within one of the most open, individualistic societies on earth.



9:11 Escape From The Towers

Directed by Grace Chapman & Sebastian Smith

Produced by Arrow Media & History Channel

Duration: 90 min

Colour, Arri

Escape The Towers

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"9/11: Escape From the Towers" provides a unique perspective on the tragic events through interwoven stories of survivors from two floors of the World Trade Center, some closest to the impact zone. With never-before-told stories from occupants of the 81st floor in the North Tower and the 77th floor in the South Tower of the World Trade Center, "9/11: Escape From the Towers" provides an unsettling perspective of what it was like to be inside the buildings on that fatal day, as individuals came together as a group to make it to safety.  


David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive

Royal premier at NH Museum London

Directed by Dan Smith

Produced by Atlantic productions

Duration: 90 minutes

Colour, 3D, IMAX and 1.85.1, RED

Bafta Winner



David Attenborough

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As the doors are locked and night falls, Attenborough meets the extinct creatures that fascinate him the most, as they magically come alive in front of his eyes. This 90 minute 3D spectacular, with its ground-breaking CGI technology, is a special collaboration of experts and curators from the Natural History Museum.




Flying Monsters with David Attenborough

IMAX World Wide

Directed by Matt Dyas

Produced by Atlantic Productions

Duration: 40 minutes

Colour, 3D, IMAX, RED




Flying Monsters

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In Flying Monsters, Sir David Attenborough sets out to uncover the truth about the enigmatic pterosaurs whose wingspans of up to 40 feet were equal to that of a modern day jet plane. The central question and of the greatest mysteries in palaeontology is how and why did pterosaurs fly. How did creatures the size of giraffes defy gravity and soar through prehistoric skies? Attenborough starts to unravel one of science’s more enduring mysteries, discovering that the marvel of pterosaur flight has evolutionary echoes that resonate even today.  


Kingdom of Plants 3D with David Attenborough

Directed by Martin Williams

Produced by Atlantic

Duration 3 x 60 min

Colour, 3D, 1.85.1, Arri



Kingdom of Plants

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Kingdom of Plants 3D is a natural history documentary series written and presented by David Attenborough, which explores the world of plants. It was filmed over the course of a year at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.  

The Amish Shunned (American Experience)

Directed by Callie Wiser

Produced by WGBH

Duration: 120 minutes

Colour, 1.85.1, Varicam

Emmy EMMY Nominated

What is gained and lost when community and tradition are exchanged for individuality and freedom? Whether out in the world for weeks or decades, the former Amish featured in the film struggle to create a new sense of community. Interwoven with their stories are the voices of staunchly loyal Amish who explain the importance of obedience and the heartbreak they feel when a loved one falls away.  

The Abolitionists (American Experience)

Directed by Rob Rapley

Produced by Apograph / WGBH

Duration: 120 minutes

Colour, 1.85.1, Arri




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Bringing to life the intertwined stories of Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Angelina Grimké, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and John Brown, The Abolitionists takes place during some of the most violent and contentious decades in American history, amid white-hot religious passions that set souls on fire, and bitter debates over the meaning of the Constitution and the nature of race. It reveals how the movement shaped history by exposing the fatal flaw of a republic founded on liberty for some and bondage for others, setting the nation on a collision course. In the face of personal risks — beatings, imprisonment, even death — abolitionists held fast to their cause, laying the civil rights groundwork for the future and raising weighty constitutional and moral questions that are with us still.



The Poisoners Handbook (American Experience)

Directed by Rob Rapley

Duration: 120 minutes

Colour, 1.85.1, Arri


The Poisoners

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In the early 20th century, the average American medicine cabinet was a would-be poisoner's treasure chest, with radioactive radium, thallium, and morphine in everyday products. The pace of industrial innovation increased, but the scientific knowledge to detect and prevent crimes committed with these materials lagged behind until 1918. New York City's first scientifically trained medical examiner, Charles Norris, and his chief toxicologist, Alexander Gettler, turned forensic chemistry into a formidable science and set the standards for the rest of the country.  

Murder of a Preident (American Experience)

Directed by Rob Rapley

Duration: 120 minutes

Colour, 1.85.1, Arri

Murder of a Preident

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President James Garfield was just four months into his presidency when he was shot by a deranged office-seeker named Charles Guiteau. After his death that September, Garfield became a symbol of lost opportunity for a nation in transition. Based on Candice Millard's bestseller, "Destiny of the Republic,"

























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