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Over the last twenty years I have worked as a cinematographer. I began my career in the film industry as a film editor in the early 1990's. Whilst hugely enjoying the creative craft of editing I wanted to continue my love of photography and joined the camera department. This background in editing has been hugely beneficial at understanding visual narratives.

I have photographed three IMAX 3D theatrical documentaries with Sir David Attenborough, two of which have won Bafta's and also 3d films for artists Damien Hirst, James Turrell, and Tony Cragg.

The last five years I have been focusing on photographing theatrical feature documentaries. The film '35 Letters' premiered at Sydney Film Festival in 2014, winning best documentary, 'The Last Man On The Moon' which premiered at SXSW in 2015. I have been in production on four feature theatrical documentaries that will be released late 2017 early 2018; 'Damien Hirst - The Wreck From The Unbelivable', 'Serengeti Rules' a Passion Pictures feature, 'Three Identical Strangers' produced by RAW and 'The Black Sea' produced by Black Sea Films.

I was fortunate to win a BAFTA for cinematography and have also been nominated for two BAFTA's as well as an EMMY. Six films that I have photographed have won Bafta's and three films have been nominated for Emmy's.




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